Unplanned Adventure

Monday morning I like to send the Stonebridge Newsletter, but I was unable to find a wireless connection before I left for Minnesota with Dan and Kyle to meet Chuk at a Pastor’s Conference last Monday. The conference was good. There were wonderful times of singing, prayer, worship, fellowship, teaching, and preaching. There was good food and piles and piles of books. I especially enjoyed hearing Gregg Harris and John Piper. Pastor Piper did a biographical sketch of his father. You can watch it here. Gregg Harris was there with his sons. They are involved in powerful ministries.

The trip home from the conference was an adventure that we had not planned for. It began beautifully. It was good to be with my sons talking about the things of the Lord. When we crossed from Minnesota into Wisconsin it was a beautiful winter evening. The sun was low in the clear sky. The ground was snow-covered but the roads were clear and dry. Part of the road followed the great Mississippi river delta.

About halfway across the state of Wisconsin we said a painful goodbye to Chuk and he headed due east and then north out onto the Door Peninsula and up to Sister Bay near the tip. We angled to the southeast toward Madison. We had gotten word that there was heavy snow further south. As route 90-39 turned to the South we could see that a heavy snow had fallen. We stopped to fill the tank with gas and get food. We had not been on the road twenty miles when the traffic stopped and we were trapped in the traffic all night long. We barely moved for well over six hours. They called out the National Guard and snowmobile clubs to help people who were stranded. We were warm and safe. We had eaten well and we were together. We eventually arrived home safe but I missed my opportunity to speak at Life Action Ministries.

You can read Kyle’s post on the trip here. Don’t miss the last paragraph.


Lois has posted some new photos. The www.evangelbaptist.com site has a podcast of my messages. Let me know what you think. This weekend I will be preaching for a couple’s retreat in Chelsea, Michigan. In the spring I will speak in Dallas and in the late summer I am planning to speak in the Canadian Rockies – doesn’t that sound neat?

The girls are planning a ministry tour they are calling the “Mountain Parkway Kentucky Summer Tour.” They have been getting new invitations. They will be in churches, a camp, a children’s home, a television program, a street festival, and a Kentucky State Park. If you would like to follow their adventure or invite them to be with you visit them here.

Kenneth L. Pierpont

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  1. evelyn says

    To think my son was wanting a load (he is an expeditor) to Janesville that morning. I’m sure God knew what was best for him.

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