Krista’s Song

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We had powerful services at Evangel yesterday. Powerful. One of my favorite parts of the services yesterday happened quietly in the evening service.

Krista sang in church last night. She is a good girl—really a young woman. Her song was a good song. She did it well. She has obviously had vocal training and experience. She was a singer with Life Action Ministries for a few years. Her song was thoughtfully chosen. Clearly she had given it a great deal fo thought and rehearsal. She was prepared. My favorite part of her song though was watching her parents. They sit in the front row every week. I mean right in the front row—going were no Baptist has ever dared go before. I glanced over at them a few times during the song. Mom had a happy, pleased look on her face. Dad beamed through the whole song.

Krista finished and folk amend and clapped and she gracefully returned to her seat. The speaker of the evening took the pulpit. For a minute I cherished this thought: How simple it is to bring joy to good parents. You serve the Lord and they are pleased and grateful and happy beyond words. It’s just that simple.

For years it has brought me great joy to know that in serving the Lord I am bringing great joy to my earthly Father and my mother. And imagine—a smile on my Father’s face.

Ken Pierpont
Granville Cottage
Riverview, Michigan
November 15, 2010


Kenneth L. Pierpont


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