T4G12 Together for the Gospel

This week over eight thousand mostly young men are gathering for the Together for the Gospel Conference in Louisville, Kentucky. The tweets are coming in about the conference and I am up at three in the morning wondering what dark force possessed me that I would fail to attend this conference. Every tweet is a sharp rebuke for my foolish neglect. What was I thinking?

In 2010 I stood with my son with tears streaming down my face and hands lifted bellowing gospel-laden songs with thousands of other men. I returned determined again to keep Evangel (our church) living up to her beautiful name-a place of Good News. I immediately preached a series of direct messages about the Gospel. People were saved as a result of that emphasis. Based on advice from a wise, older, godly pastor at T4G I launched my current sermon series Matthew’s Gospel. This has been powerfully enriching to my own soul and to our church. When last I attended T4G twice I ate, what else, Shepherd’s Pie at an Irish establishment down the street. I came home with a trunkload of wonderful books-most of them gifts. What was I thinking? One of my favorite recordings ever is the recording of the singing at T4G

This year I did not attend. I have no idea what I was thinking. Because of T4G2008 and T4G2010 I have a renewed devotion to the Gospel of Christ. What was I thinking? Consider me officially present in spirit at T4G12.

Ken Pierpont
Granville Cottage
Riverview, Michigan
April 11, 2012

PS. And I wish I had taken my daughter, because I want one of these godly, Gospel-saturated, Gospel-preaching, Gospel-devoted, Gospel-singing men for a son-in-law.

Here is an old video of the singing… I can’t imagine what a recording this year would sound like.

Kenneth L. Pierpont

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