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[10 Jul 2013 | Comments Off | 99 views]
Manitou Map

A Classic Re-post from 2002
If all has gone well we will be completing our 2013 North Manitou Manly Man Revival by the time you read this and we will be heading back downstate with stories to tell.

A few weeks ago I noticed that half of my son’ summer college break was over. Sitting on the floor of his room one night I said, “Let’s plan a trip this summer to hike and camp on North Manitou Island.” His eyes lit up. “Mike Oatis has done the …

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[6 Jul 2013 | One Comment | 39 views]

A Classic Re-post from 2009
To portage and to paddle thorough the Canadian wilderness is incredibly beautiful and rigorous. If you haven’t tried it you really should, just because there are some beautiful places that you have to paddle for many miles to reach. Having paddled and carried your canoe and food and tent and gear to those places somehow makes them even more beautiful and more enjoyable. O how sweet is the sleep I have enjoyed on a bed of pine needles, on a rocky point, in a pristine Canadian …

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[1 Jul 2013 | No Comment | 72 views]

This week the Pierpont men are preparing for an adventure.
It’s been years since we have visited North Manitou Island. Kyle, Chuk and I went with Manitou Mike Otis back in about 2002. Daniel and Wesley have never been on the Island. Kyle and Oliver weren’t even born the last time we ventured out on the hour-long ferry to North Manitou.
We’ll all meet at Dan and Wes’s apartment in Grand Rapids then head north to couch-surf at my sister Melony’s home in Bear Lake. In the morning we’ll hit …

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[11 Mar 2013 | No Comment | 422 views]
Breakfast with Jesus

There is a graceful scene painted toward the end of John’s Gospel I love to contemplate. Peter has repeatedly and publicly denied Jesus. Peter had trouble with the idea that Jesus would have to suffer. Resisting the idea earned had him a rebuke at Caesarea Philippi. He just couldn’t get his mind around the idea of a suffering Messiah. He seemed to recoil even more at the idea of his own suffering. To avoid it, he repeatedly denied Jesus—eventually strengthening his denial with an oath, warming his hands by a …

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[5 Mar 2013 | No Comment | 268 views]

We are deep into February as I write and slogging our way through the gray slush of late winter. Is anyone else out there wresting winter-weariness now?
I know I celebrated the first snowfall. I pined for cozy evenings with the family by the fireside. I was thinking warm winter thoughts of soups and breads and the scent of burning wood on the cold winter air—but all that was before Christmas. I’m so over that now. Now I’m longing for long evenings out on the porch sipping lemonade. I’m longing …

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[12 Dec 2012 | Comments Off | 68 views]
Christmas Boys

This photo is our our Grandbuddies and their mother Elizabeth. This is a classic re-post from 2003
About fifteen years ago when the Christmas season was approaching weather reports predicted a heavy snow on Thanksgiving eve. At the time I was the pastor of a village church in Ohio. On Thanksgiving Eve we joined with the other village church for a Thanksgiving service. Lois was in Newark shopping for the day. I was concerned that she would not arrive in time for the service. As night …

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[5 Sep 2012 | One Comment | 86 views]

Classic re-post from 2008

My cousin Di has Facebook now. When we were kids we saw each other regularly. We have our own families now and our own lives so we only see each other when someone dies, which is very sad. It was good to connect on Facebook. I scrolled through her pictures. We look a lot alike. We could pass for brother and sister. I read her interests. One of them made me smile. She has always been a bright girl, quick-witted and verbal. Even as a child she …

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[10 May 2012 | 4 Comments | 126 views]

Tuesday I had two choices. I had been invited to a pastor’s meeting where a number of my friends would be in attendance. Most of them would be younger pastors. There is a hopeful movement among young pastors toward a more robust theology. It’s great fun to be around these guys. The preaching and the fellowship and the singing can make your soul soar up to God. I put it on my calendar.
Later I heard that there would be another pastor’s meeting on the same day in early May. …

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[19 Jan 2012 | No Comment | 88 views]

The Lord allowed me a couple quiet days away and alone with Him. They are coming to an end. Tomorrow I drive out and back downstate and Downriver back to family and church with a renewed love and devotion to the Lord and with a renewed conviction my deep need for Christ.
As I pillow my head tonight the great hymn And Can it Be rings in my heart…
My chains fell off!
My heart was free!
I rose went forth and followed Thee!

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[17 Jan 2012 | One Comment | 89 views]

If you spend a weekend at Camp Barakel in the winter there are a few things you can count on. You will leave with a sweet taste in your mouth. Sticky buns are a tradition on Sunday morning. You will feed on the Word of God. You will sing Christ-honoring music. You will smell the tang of a wood fire, and you will meet people who sincerely love Our Savior, the Lord Jesus.
I think Jeremy Linsley is the man behind the Camp Barakel Twitter account. It’s worth following. A …