(A classic re-post from 2004) You don’t find many self-proclaimed Buckeyes as far north as Newaygo County, Michigan. That’s why I was a little curious about the fellow behind me in line at WalMart that day about five or six years ago. Usually Buckeyes don’t do too well that far north. I struck up a […]

The Perfect Summer

Edgar DeWitt Jones.gif

Edgar DeWitt Jones Edgar DeWitt Jones caught my attention from the opening paragraph of his book, The Royalty of the Pulpit. “I shall long remember the summer of 1948 at Pentwater Michigan, where I summered with my family. To be sure, one cannot easily forget the wonder of “the million-dollar sunsets” that we were privileged […]

Good Read


Here is a suggestion you will thank me for. Get a copy of John Piper’s Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ and read it devotionally. It is written in rich, short, chapters perfect for devotional reading. You can buy a copy and mark it up as you read or read it free in PDF format here. […]

The Grace of God, by Andy Stanley (review)


Andy Stanley has an unusual gift at making theological, biblical ideas concrete and clear and communicating in a fresh way. Compared to some of his other books, though, The Grace of God is lacking in concrete description. The book surveys the major movements of the Bible highlighting the grace of God and showing that grace […]

Review of “Churched” by Matthew Paul Turner

I’ve hesitated to do this review because they say any publicity is good publicity and I do not want to have anything to do with giving this book any publicity. Most of it is borderline blasphemy. Some of it is outright blasphemy. It is an arrogant diatribe that is written by a man who openly […]

Red Like Blood


Red Like Blood is a good read. I’m not going to take time for a review here, but I think it is very worth your time. If you like concrete narrative and good, gospel theology together, you will want to invest in this book. I read it on my Kindle and found it for 3.99. […]

Praying for Our Children


Not pictured is Heidi’s husband, Austin Hancock. This was taken before they were married. They are now expecting a daughter in February. More pictures to come. Lois and I have eight children and a growing number of grandchildren. I used to read books on prayer. Now that we have eight children I don’t need to […]