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Our Family

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Ken Pierpont


I’m Ken Pierpont. I have been married to Lois, my college sweetheart since 1979. We have eight children, four sons and four daughters.

I’m the Senior Pastor of Evangel Baptist Church in Taylor, Michigan. My goal in life is to communicate truth about Jesus Christ and to nudge everyone I meet a little closer to Him every day by living out that truth in my life and family. I aspire to be like Barnabas, just to encourage people wherever I go, young and old alike.

Speaking Ministry

preachinginnashvilleweb.JPGMy father and grandfather were preachers and I have been preaching since I was fourteen years old. I took my first church at seventeen. I have preached in jails, rest homes, schools, camps, conferences, conventions, street corners and of course churches large and small. I love to speak to groups of all ages from little children to senior saints. I like to use a combination of lively story-telling and Bible preaching to inspire and encourage.

I have pastored in Ohio and Michigan for the last couple decades.

Family Music and Ministry

I love to preach, speak, write, sing and tell stories to encourage people and inspire good things. We often sing as a family.

Meet the Family

LoisatBarakel.jpgLois Gail has been my wife since September of 1979 and she is the mother or our eight children. Lois Gail was born in a little mountain town in Kentucky. We met in college. She is a homemaker and loves to do creative things with her hands. She has a God-given nurturing instinct which kicked-in one late autumn day in 1981 and has continued to this day. One of her many creative pursuits is photography. We home-educate the children so her days are full and happy. She is a strong woman with a child-like love for life.