Our Family

Family Portrait 09-2009

I’m Ken Pierpont. I have been married to Lois, my college sweetheart since 1979. We have eight children, four sons and four daughters.

Lois Gail is the mother of our eight children. Lois Gail was born in a little mountain town in Kentucky. We met in college. She is a homemaker and loves to do creative things with her hands. She has a God-given nurturing instinct. We home-educate the children so her days are full and happy. She is a strong woman with a child-like love for life. Lois has a flourishing photography business.


Kyle is married to Elizabeth. They live in West Michigan where Kyle is on the pastoral staff at Ada Bible Church. They have three sons, Kyle, Oliver, and Leland.

Kyle and Elizabeth

Holly is married to Jessie Long. They live in Seaside Oregon. Jessie is the Vice President of Lektro Corporation and Holly is a homemaker who does hair and makeup and is active in making her home a place of ministry. You can read her blog here.

Jesse and Holly

Charles Kenneth (Chuk) lives in Grand Rapids and plays a mean guitar. He has a candle business called Red Jacket Candles. He is the sales and service manager at a marina near Grand Haven, Michigan.


Heidi is married to Austin H–, who grew up here at Evangel. He is a police officer in Wisconsin and they have a daughter named Keira and son named Koen.

Hancock Family-Heidi

Hannah is married to Dale McBride. She is a bank-teller and Dale is a school teacher. He was raised here at Evangel and he and Hannah are one of our deacon couples.


Daniel is engaged to Katelynn Thornton. They will be married in New Mexico on January 1, 2016. He is a graduate of Grace Bible College in Grand Rapids and works in the geo-thermal industry in Frisco, Texas.

Katelynn and Daniel

Wesley lives and works with Daniel in Frisco, Texas. He likes to work hard outdoors and drive his Ford truck to a fishing hole whenever he can.


Hope America still makes her home here at Granville Cottage. She alternately enjoys and endures being the “only child.”

Hope AmericaHope America BW