Reader Interactions


  1. Hope, you look like a little Georgia peach in your peach-colored outfit! And the statue and fountain water/spray behind you remind me of angel wings fluttering around you, protecting you!
    It’s great watching you grow in these website photos. Your mother is a splendid photographer.
    God bless you and keep you in the palm of His hand.
    Peace and smiles across the miles,
    Sandi Pound
    Florida, USA.

  2. Thank you for writing the daily events that are happening in Mexico for our family to read each day, along with the pictures. It is as if we were there with them. You are doing a great job keeping us informed. I have been impressed how you can think clearly and find the time with the little amount of sleep you are getting. We will remember your son in prayer. Our oldest son Ryan is expecting our sixth grandchild this October. They also lost a baby their last pregnancy. It has made them even more grateful and excited. This will be their second child. Thanks again. It is the highlight of our day.
    The Whittens