The Secret of Real Success

Reader Interactions


  1. Pastor Pierpont,

    Thank you for sharing these quiet reflections, and your desire to meditate on the Word of God! Thank you for providing the Scripture references.
    I appreciate the stories that you have provided for the Daily Success program.

    May your communion with the Lord be blessed


  2. Ken,

    Thank you Ken…

    What precious Scripture truths….

    What a joy and blessing just to sit there beside you at Nathan’s ordination council today and know of your deep disire to Honor the Lord in your life, and to have spent time with your brother Kevin yesterday and have him and his boys in the car with us on the way and know of his commitment to the Lord and to hear Nathan respond to the questions with such precious commitment and love for the Lord.

    It was a blessing to have our grandsons, Kevin Michael, Taylor, Chuk, Daniel, Wesley and Timothy there in attendance and obviously attentive to the council.

    How could I be blessed any more…

    Praying for you and your continued ministry…