Leaving Flint

Reader Interactions


  1. The years have been good!! Very Good. It is with sadness that we have to say Goodby to you & your Family. You guys truly have been a delight & a blessing. You will be missed. The Lord’s Blessings and leading on this new Path in your life & ministry.

    David Tietz
    Family Fellowship Bible Church

  2. Our short stay at the Character Inn is also filled with great memories, and you Pierponts are among the best of them! I’d love to hear about your new ministry, brother Ken, and how God leads and prospers your family. Thanks so much for “setting the tone,” and leading the way in making it such a great community, full of the Spirit of God.

  3. Now you’re living close to 2 of the Zumhagen families. Don’t be a stranger. Nice to be on the “good memory” list