Parshallville Mill

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  1. I really liked this essay Dad. I remember those times fondly 🙂 Always will. So glad you taught me how to make memories doesn’t take all that much and one day I can too… 😉

    I want to go to the Mill again this year if we can before heading back to Chicago.

  2. Yeah…..and I start to realize how dear those things were now that I’m way out in AZ right after Verity. I miss my family and home like nothin’ else.

    Also, thanks so much to you and your family for taking me in when I was out there and making my time in Michigan so special. I have some wonderful memories to look back on from those days.


  3. Where is this cider Mill that you talk about, is it in Flint area or in Ohio? Please let me know, Thanks, Julie Hinds