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  1. Dear Ken,
    I thought of thePierpont family this morning.And these days, whenever you think of something, the first reaction is to google it!And so I came acrossyour story of the football session with your sons.
    As long as your mind is functioning, you can do great things.In fact, the wisdom that comes from experience makes a man more formidable as he ages.Solomon surely knewthis when he proclaimed in Proverbs that gray hairis a crown of glory.
    Your boys can do things physically that you can`t do anymore.No doubt about it.If you don`tacknowledge this-if you don`t recognize and act on this- you`ll suffer the pain thatnatureinevitablydelivers when she is defied.
    On the other hand, your sons must acknowledge and recognize thatyour mind is ripened and developed .I`m sure that you-like me- can loook at ayoungperson and silently understand much of what the future holds for the youth.Thisunderstanding comes from experience.
    So don`t despair over your aching body today.But, more and more, be inclined to take it easyin the physical sports context.Your fine mind and experience are too valuable to be jeopardized by physical pain.
    I hope everything is going good for the Pierpontsin Illinois.I missthe Character Lunches, and I miss seeing all of you.But I`m sure the whole family is doing good works.
    Take Care My Friend,
    Glen Lenhoff

  2. Glen. Thank you for your comments. My heart is warmed when I think of your generosity and your warm hospitality to my family. I remember our last talk around the coffee table and hope that you are well.

  3. Yes.And I think it`s particularly necessary to takeit easy whenthe issue is physical activity with YOUR sons.As I recall, they were pretty athletic.
    I have memories relating to all four of your sons.I remember Kyle and I discussing what happenned in Cana so long ago- oneof the first miracles when water was turned into wine.
    I rememberChuck as an intelligent andthoughtful young man.I remember Daniel going out of his way to help me get a good seat at Kyle`s wedding.
    But what I remember most vividly is Wesley climbing the stone facade atmy house when the Pierpont family came here for dinner.Wesley went up those stones like a squirrel.Lois and Heidi werein the kitchen fixing dinner-the skylight was above them.When I saw how fast Wesley climbed the stones, I thought he was going to swing onto the roof and run tothe skylight and wave hello to his sister and mother.I found this thought astonishing because I`ve never seen anyone geton the roof without a ladder!
    I wouldn`t be surprised if I heard someday thatWesley became a track star or the owner of a successfulroofing company.
    I want to thank you again for the Abe Lincoln picture with the quotation about scripture.I`m looking at it right some ways, Lincoln reminds me of Peter.At first, Lincoln wes awkward and tentative-making many mistakes.But look what he became.When Peter denied knowing Jesus the night of the arrest, Peter was cowardly- and filled with shame.Therock of the church?Hardly.But look what came to pass.Jesus forgave him-Jesus reinstated him.And Peter grewso wise and mighty that the sick ofJeruslem were carried in the path of his very shadow so that they might recover.
    I hope all is well with you, Lois and thef family.I`m sure everyone ismeeting newchallenges and opportunities in your new locale.Good Luck to all of the Pierponts!