In the Pocket of My Pink Jacket

Reader Interactions


  1. Hi Ken,
    I hope you are well. I enjoy your posts. I would love to sit and talk to you. Hope you’re listening.:)
    Hill and Terry are sure on my mind lately. They always are. I suppose you know they went to Fla. to get a baby and then the mom had second thoughts. I know they are really hurting. I wish I could get them a baby somehow. It was much easier when I could just buy the kids what they wanted.
    Well, I love you and I am so happy to be a pastor’s wife again. The people here are so sweet. Real small town. We went for pizza last night and then to Wally. Saw some of the same people both places.
    Jim gets home tonight. We will go to the OARBC Conf. on Mon and Tues and will think of the MARBC and wonder what Kev and Nate and Mom and Dad are up to. Say hi to Lois.

  2. A family can indeed have good fellowship anytime by listening to each other. Imagine the joy of having someone understand what you are thinking. I think that quality time is missing nowdays.