Music on the Street

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  1. Hey Dad

    Good thought!! I was thinking along the same lines the other day when I gave a homeless guy money. I was wondering if he really knew that I was caring for him or if he thought I was just getting him out of my face. I wondered if he knew that the only reason I gave him one cent is because that I love Jesus and want to share his love.

    Well whatever

  2. Aren’t you glad Jesus keeps on waiting for us to come and learn from Him, and that he never takes a holiday and is open 24/7 for prayer.

  3. Thanks for this reminder. It makes me think of my response when someone is talking to me-do I respect and love them and show it by really listening? Or am I just waiting for them to stop so that I can speak? I’m ashamed to even admit that. We have internet (slow kind) at home now but I can listen in again. God Bless you.

  4. ouch… this is something i have to keep working on all the time. May God give me grace to learn to listen to people with my heart. Thanks for your comments and thoughts, all.

  5. About the book. I have written a book that should be published soon. When I have it in hand I will be making a lot of noise about it.