Lingering Autumn

Reader Interactions


  1. As I comment on the autum, I am reminded of autum in our lives. Some have lived long enough to see autum many many times, but each time is special. This time is especiallyn warm and wonderful. God is, showing me, however, that, some people have reached this autum without Jesus, and are going to church because they like the music. (“lisa said”) Some have resigned to prayer alone,(Joe said) for family and other loved ones, without the thought of church as a priority. When I asked do you believe Jesus is worthy of our praise, one said my name in shock,(Colleen) one said Im not sure he exisited, and the other said nothing. I love them and was not unloving or offensive. Im praying for them,,, winter is coming. …”you said say it” Thanks for this comment box. Im so praying for Lisa , Joe and Colleen. Friends that Jesus has called me into their lives for an awesome reason/purpose. Pray for my strength to love them enough to pray for them, and continue to witness to them with love and respect.