God on the Mountain

Reader Interactions


  1. Oh yeah!!! I love that!! I’m your bigest fans haha

    Way to go girls! I’ll have to plan a little excursion to Kentucky fo the summer to then…!

  2. Tonight my little sister and I lay in bed and read your story “Yoder: the Amish Beagle.” As soon as she finished she said, “Awww I’m going to go hug Misha” and ran to find our dog (a little grey schnauzer) and went to give her some love. 🙂

    The little dog was in the boys room and as soon as they saw my little sister come and start petting her they said, “What happened? Did Cristina talk to you about something?” I guess they thought she had a change at heart or something! 🙂

  3. Great to read what the Lord is doing in your family. We pray and ask that the Lord will bless you and yours in a great way in 2008. I am excited to see Chuk stepping out there but I have gotten to have an affinity for a place with warmer weather myself. Ruthie is in her first week at Ambassador, Joseph is busy working two jobs right now, and cheryl and I are patiently(?) waiting for the Lord to direct and open a door for us. But god is good. God bless you all – I look forward to reading each post. AGM

  4. Dear Mr. Pierpont,
    Just wanted you to know how much we are enjoying your book. We’ve only had it about a month, and it is already dog-eared, bedecked with Post-it notes, and smells of peanut butter… in our house that means a lot of people are reading it and marking things to share! We, too, read of Yoder, on the very day our beagle got loose! We are blessed in that she seems to stay near the home place and we don’t get much traffic usually. Thank you for putting your stories together. God bless you!