My Protective Instinct

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  1. What a funny story! We have a family among our relations who have girls slightly older than ours. Once they came for a visit and I had my mother-hen feathers all ruffled up about protecting my daughters from their “worldly-wise” cousins. Their father is a pastor and the lack of standards cause me to overreact, I guess. The first morning they were with us the parents had to go somewhere, my husband was at work, so it was me with all the kids. They asked to watch a movie. I hesitantly said, “If you can find anything you’ll like,” knowing that our selection was pretty narrow compared to what they were used to. Soon the three girls were huddled in a corner, whispering. I, of course, thought the worst. My girls sat on the couch, not knowing what the conference was about and looking a little nervous. Soon the girls broke up from their circle and asked for help. “We can’t decide between Charlotte’s Web and WInnie the Pooh.” :oD I learned something that day.