Prodigal Advice

Reader Interactions


  1. This was an encouraging article. I didn’t feel like I was doing everything wrong when I read this. I was once told by a dear Sunday School teacher that my Mission field was my home. I took her serious. My family is my most important part of my life other than God or I should say my family is my part important part of my life from God.

  2. Wow. Wise words from a precious family.
    My children are too young for the “rebellion” Mr. Piper speaks of, so I am just an untrained observer. But the “fad” we have seen among conservative parents scares us, of families kicking their teenagers out of the house, of refusing to let them come home, because of things like haircuts and clothing and music. The prodigal son’s father watched out the window and welcomed his son home, no questions asked. God spare us from being like the elder brother in regard to our children when they make decisions we don’t like. If Jesus takes me “just as I am,” who am I to tell a child, “You can come home, but only if you get a haircut.” God give us wisdom.