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  1. I am appauled that parents actually want to be friends with their grown children!!! I’m even more appauled that parents actually want to INTERACT with their children – no matter what age – at their children’s level?? Go to where their children are to see what they might be into? Maybe there should be a boycott or a software program made so parent’s can’t sign in and “keep track” of their children….. or one so that parent’s can’t get online and see the sights their children are visiting when they’re busy getting dinner and their child is on the computer in the front room because if the computer is in the front room – it’s safe to have them “unsupervised”…

    I heard a story once in college – that changed the way I lived and I was a good girl!! Never went to a bar, hung out with my christian friends, etc – thought I was doing well but the story goes like this….

    You are invited to go to this movie so you show up. None of your friends can go but it was free so you go anyway. You get to the place where you’re going and you are lead into this small office sized room. There is 1 chair and a movie projector. You sit down and a simple man comes in and greets you.

    He explains “You are here to watch your own life on the screen but it’s a different movie about yourself. It will show all the special times in your life as you’re growing up like when you learned how to walk, learned how to ride a bike, the first time you went to camp, etc. The special part of the movie is that it’s not just the public part of your life that will be seen but also the very private part. Your thoughts that run through your head will be intertwined in this movie. Your thoughts that run through your head while you’re angry, the thoughts that you have when you see something you REALLY want in the store but can’t afford to buy it, the thoughts you had on your first date… on prom night…. when you’ve seen an inappropriate picture, when you’re away at college and you feel that freedom… All of these will be shown as well as the actual things people can see.”

    You begin to rush back in your memory bank and try to think of what might be in that film but calm yourself down by realizing there is no one else in the room with you so it will be ok…

    “Do you have any questions?” the simple man asks..
    “No – I think I’m all set. Thanks!!” you answer…

    “Oh wait just a minute. I forgot something.” the simple man exits the room for just a few seconds and comes back with another chair, places it by you and then exits again for a few seconds and returns with another chair and places it on the other side of you from the first. You furrow your brow, trying to figure out what those chairs are all about? Did they bring your friends in to watch with you?? Is this some sort of a suprise you wonder??? A smile starts to creep across your face, just knowing that it has to be some sort of a suprise conjured up by your friends.

    “Any questions before I start the movie?” the simple man asks..

    No one has entered the room yet so you begin to wonder and ask…. “Just one sir, I’m wondering where my friends are that are going to watch this movie with me. These chairs are for them right? I don’t want them to miss anything becuase this should be fun to watch with them.”

    The simple man puts his head down and walks slowly over to you, puts a hand on your shoulder and gently says, “I’m sorry, your friends are not here. Your grandma (or replace grandma with another person you highly respect) is here to watch this with you. She is being brought to the room right now.”

    “WHAT??? MY GRANDMA!!! NO WAY! This movie is about my life – INCLUDING MY THOUGHTS??? This is going to kill her!!! My grandma thinks I”m a good kid!!! She doesn’t know 1/4 of what I have done behind closed doors, away from home, thoughts in my head…. ” You instantly hit the panic button and try to get out of it with the simple man – explaining many different things but all he has to offer you is “you don’t have a choice. You have to go through with this.”

    Just as he finishes, the door opens and there stands your grandma – so excited to see you… You greet her with a hug and a smile and chat for a few seconds before the simple man informs you that the movie will be starting. You stop him on the way out the door… “Wait a minute” you say. “What’s this other chair for?”

    Once again – the simple man walks over to you, places a hand on your shoulder and with his head bowed and in a low tone says… “When we are Christians, Christ is with us everywhere. Jesus is going to be sitting in that chair, watching everything just as your grandma will. You see – We learn early on as a child that Jesus sees and hears everything we do, say, thinks, etc. but as we get older – we sometimes forget that. SO as you and your grandmother sit here and watch the movie about your life, including all the things you’ve done and thought you were sure no one else knew, Jesus is going to watch it all for the 2nd time because he was there when you thought it, he was there when you acted on things you shouldn’t, he was there when you lied. He was there every time.

    As you watch this movie and realize the pain it is bringing your grandma – think also on the pain it is bringing your Savior. He sees and knows it instantaneously when you are thinking and acting on things.” The simple man turns to leave and you break into a cold sweat. You thought you could live the two lives. One with family and one away. One with your christian friends and one in your dorm room. You thought you could peruse those websites on your computer in your room without anyone knowing. You thought you could go to the next level with that girl/boy you were dating behind closed doors and no one would know… but Jesus knew the moment you were thinking of it. He knew before the actions started because you had to think them. He knew and He saw…

    You begin to cry realizing how horrid this experience is going to be as the lights go down in the small room and the movie begins. The first photo on the screen is of when you were born, tiny and crying. You begin to cry from a deeper level than before and you bury your head in your hands as you sit there.

    Just as fast as it started, the movie stops, the lights go up and the door opens again and it’s the simple man walking toward you.

    “Never forget this feeling. Never forget that Jesus is with you all the time! If you are doing something you wouldn’t want your grandma to see or know – you shouldn’t be doing it. Walk away from it. Now go and live your life right. Think on the simple idea of Christ is with you ALL the time.” and the simple man exits the room.

    This story has kept me out of trouble MORE than once!!!!

  2. I just reread my comment and being that you don’t know me from a hole in the ground – you would have no idea that the first paragraph is very sarcastic… Hope that I didn’t confuse anyone..

  3. I dearly love all of my children (8) and grandchildren (40) and care very much what they are doing, everyday and I pray for them everyday, sometimes all day…when I know they have special needs, trials, joyful times, when they are deeply involved in ministry, or struggling with there faith in the LORD.

    I have a hard time figuring out Face Book but I have received many invitations from my children and grandchildren to be their “FRIEND” what a joy it is to me…

    “Isn’t He Wonderful”

    Still, Singing His Praise!