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  1. No. 4 – Romans 9-11….amazing, amazing, amazing preaching. How wonderful it is to contemplate our God. I want to spend all my life in the “master science”. How great, how beautiful is our God. I especially appreciated the story about Mr. Hanover at the end. I’ve been wrestling with with my own fear and the how (within a work environment) of witnessing to a guy I know I need to. (Maybe that will be the kick in the pants I needed.)But pray for me that I may be bold and unashamed, pray that I may see the opportunity God opens and seize it. Sometimes it’s hard to get into good discussion and not neglect the work I’m paid for, but these are much more critical topics. Work can wait a few minutes if people are sliding into eternity without Christ. Again thank you…I am indebted to you and your ministry. I miss all of you Pierpont ppl. May God bless and encourage you in big ways this week.