Running Solitude

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  1. Beautifully written…I too am a runner and can identify exactly with what you’re saying! I stopby often but never remember to comment, so I just wanted to say thanks for your encouraging posts…your family inspires my husband & I and we are thankful for your testimonies!

  2. I’m never alone when I’m alone! I remember a time my aunt said how can you make trips by yourself and I told her that it gave me time to pray.
    Alone does not mean loneliness. I wish I’d known that years ago.
    Thank you for taking us to KY today.

  3. Running is a sport that can put you in the most alone posistoin you’ve ever been, but never, once have I felt lonely. I also am a distance runner, and I’ve found that it is one of the best ways to have fellowship with our awesome God. As I run, I am just amazed by my body and all of the intricate, wonderful systems my God has created. It is miles upon miles of uninterupted talking to the Lord, and to me, that’s just beautiful. Also, the fellowship you can share with your running partner when you have one is just unbelievable. My friend Sarah and I have opened up to each other, and shared so much during our long cross country practices. I love that it is such a good way to grow closer to God, and it is great for marveling at his wonderful creation!