We Will Never Die

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  1. Amen Ken. Yes, life is a vapor, and we never know when the roll will be called up yonder. A saint at our church who volunteered for just about everything, went out witnessing on Monday nights, taught Sunday School, on fire for the Lord, suddenly died of a massage heart attach at a Church men’s retreat a couple weeks ago. A total shock to all (he was in his mid 50’s). Why? God is God; I cannot question Him. Reminds me of the saying: “only one life twill soon by past. Only what’s done for Christ will last.” So we press on for Christ, and let Him decide “when”.

  2. Yes, but don’t forget that we deserve worse than death. We don’t deserve to live. It is because of God’s grace and infinite love that he holds us all together.
    It is because of SIN, that death entered the world. It is why everything you see either rusts, dies, changes, and gets worse. Because of our disobedience that fateful day in the garden, we ruined God’s perfect plan.

    Sigh….Ken, I need to go to the Northwoods with our group again for another retreat… 🙂

  3. Hello Ken,

    This is Ada, David’s mom, Urbinati, remember from Journey to the Heart ? well, we just found out that you are not there anymore and would like you to call us if you can. We need to talk to you. It is really dissapointing that you are not there because David was able to grow so much under your leadership.

    Our phone number is 561) 352-5463. Are you going to the Nashville ATI Convention this year?

    In Christ,
    David and Ada Urbinati