Powerful Questions

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  1. Ken,
    I went through these with my each of my two sons over a steak dinner (they like steak) quite a while ago, and these were very eye-opening for both of us. We have continued to strengthen our relationship since that (expensive, but well worth it) meal. Brian

  2. A little off topic…but what about this weekend’s big game???

    Somebody will have a serious leg up on their BCS counterparts and I hope it’s not USC. 🙂

  3. This is a big one, isn’t it. The only bigger football game this weekend is Riverview Vasity Junior Football (Wes at quarterback) vs. Taylor.

    Thanks for staying in touch.

  4. No doubt. I saw the pics. Wes is the dude.

    Also I’ll throw this out there…if anybody wants to go to the Desiring God National Conf. Sept 26-28 my home/driving is open. Come, come, come.

    Just hit me up with an email if there’s interest.