Theology to Doxology

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  1. I wrote the following on my friend Aaron’s (Greek teacher/TBI student) Facebook this morning. It kind of summarizes my thoughts….I have reflected much on this in the last few months, especially in light of Dan’s battle and Lauren Williams sudden death.

    “…this whole summer I’ve been thinking about how we are helped in “To live is Christ” by the reality of death in this world, specifically the death of His saints. When we see “To die is gain” so vividly b/c someone lived so hard after Christ, I think it makes the idea of “such a great cloud of witnesses” and “FIX your gaze on JESUS” so much more clear. It throws in front of us the realities and makes us realize that we have to live looking back from the end as Jesus did, “who for the joy set before Him,” lived back, and endured the cross to His Father’s glory.”

    I listened to Dan’s 9/7 sermon last night, so that is resonating deeply with me today (if you couldn’t tell by the phrasings I stole 😉 ).

    It’s all so big…so profound. You maybe could give it words better than my feeble attempts. But what it boils down to is simply this: JESUS IS TREASURE. And that’s so good…so huge…so incomprehensibly beautiful…