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  1. I almost hate to join in on this dialog. It’s really sweet. Have a nice Anniversary. How can you be married this long when Lois is only 29? God has given you beautiful children. Their eyes are as beautiful as stars.
    I think I see Hoedown Island????

  2. Congratulations both of you and all the family. A very interesting and encouraging account. Cheryl and I are 40 years, four children, and 9 (and number 10 due in December) grandchildren past those days. A good wife certainly is a gift from the Lord – I thanks the Lord for mine. God bless you all.

  3. Hey Dad

    What an awesome writer you are. I thank God for your wife too…haha!

    Reading the story of meeting mom made me cry, I love her so much.

    Good writing Padre

    I love you so much