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  1. I loved your story too. You had mentioned it once at Evangel and I thought it was great. It did bring back some memories for me. When Melina was in the 5th grade and in public school at the end of our street, there were a few ladies standing on the corner after school passing out some kind of flyers. I was sitting in our car waiting for Melina to come out, because is was raining, and I told Melina to go a get a flyer from the lady. It was an invitation to Boy’s and Girl’s Bible Club. Well, I was shocked to learn that they had been at this school for over 15 years and we had never known. Melina had been going there since kindergarten. We immediately signed the girls up (Olivia was in 2nd grade and Kayla in kindergarten). Bill and I, of course, sat in on the first day of Bible Club to make sure they were teaching sound doctrine and within a week I was working in that club. I have met some of the most wonderful people thru Bible Club and have seen some amazing transformations in many of the children. When I began homeschooling the girls I continued in Bible Club for a few years, then it got a bit hard for me. I stepped back but still continued having the summer clubs in my backyard. I also continue to help pass out those flyers in front of the schools because I know how important that job was in bringing our children to Bible Club. I am sure I will be back full force someday, as Sue has a club in Lincoln Park and needs help here and there. I am faithful to pray for all those faithful workers!