Two More Reasons to Like Detroit

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  1. Our great friend is gone…he now stands among the great cloud of witnesses. Suddenly Hebrews 12 is very personal and my soul grows sick of these dim shadowlands and aches for the ocean of God’s love.

    I hope you go to the funeral for me since I can’t. By some grace we run well too. God is the only good.

  2. Thanks, Josiah. Dan finished ahead of us. He will be there when we cross. Together we will worship our Savior there. He finished faithful. We must, too.

  3. Jim said he used to go there a lot when he worked at “Rim and Wheel” down I think on Howard St.
    My asthma would never let me take the stairs. What floor is the Bibles on?

  4. So I see you have found the best book store ever?! I don’t know why I hadn’t mentioned it before. One time I went in there and had so many books that the employees had to go find me boxes so I could carry them out! And two boxes full…I only paid about $50! King’s is amazing!

  5. Thanks for this great find! My husband saw this post and surprised me with a trip to this bookstore last weekend. What an awesome place!