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  1. wait i’m so confused are u sayin that i shouldn’t like it or that it’s ok that i like it?

  2. I am not sure about the movie aspect of this, but I have read the books and there is an underlying theme in this series that I happen to like involving self control. These people, against their will, were dealt a very bad situation in life. And instead of living against their conscience, they chose not to murder. If Hollywood ruined that aspect of this story, I am sorry. There were no spells or enchantments in the series that I recall. It was a story of good against evil and the way one set of people chose to rise above the evil in their hearts and do what was right, and at great peril I might add, because they knew that there was a day of reckoning and they wanted to meet God with a clear conscience. That message comes up time and again in the story. Carlyle is a sort of evangelist that tries to help others get out of this and make a change for conscience sake. He had a Christian upbringing and wanted to remain true to those principles. Belle wants to be a vampire because she loves Edward and she fears growing old and his being young. She doesn’t desire this for the sake of the thrill of it. In fact, she is unsure of the decision because of what might become of her and her relationship to her father and mother. She loves Edward, probably too much to the point of idolatry, but which of us hasn’t inadvertently done that? That is a lesson we all have to learn not to do. He refuses to grant her request because he doesn’t want anyone to go through what he has had to go through in terms of being considered unredeemable. He is a very moral person and will not engage in intimacy until after marriage. It doesn’t sound like the movie is holding to the author’s intent in that area. It is a fantasy story, not meant to be taken seriously in terms of the fantasy aspect. There is a message woven into this that I believe is worth hearing especially today when so many people lack self control even as believers. Hopefully, the movie captured some of that.

  3. Megan; I understand liking a good story. I love stories. And we all love romance. But, I think it best to stay away from movies like this and watch movies and read books that are true and true to God’s Word, that don’t have occult themes.

    Vera; Thanks for posting your thoughts. I would be very careful and walk carefully (circumspectly as the Scriptures say). There is so much clear, powerful literature that teaches self-control, self-restraint, and Christian virtue–even the gospel, without the pagan, occult, vampire themes that is available. My point is that we should chose and guide young people to chose what is clearly best and unquestionable. When young children are exposed to these themes, including the overt sensuality, it is not redemptive, it is more subtle and more dangerous. This only lessens inhibitions against evil, darkness, and there are clear commands of Scripture that. I would spend time in sincere prayer about weather watching and reading this kind of thing is pleasing to the Lord in the light of Philippians 4:8.

  4. I haven’t seen the movie and probably won’t. My biggest concern is that IF you see it, you will be forced to sin beyond your control. See, we are to be led of the Spirit, not under the Law. All things are lawful but not all things are beneficial. Seeing this movie doesn’t make me righteous or unrighteous and seeing it doesn’t make me sin. I would not explore the occult after watching this movie, for example. I have no desire to do so because I am filled with the Spirit of God set free from sin. If this movie makes you sin, cut it off. However, don’t for a minute think that you are excused before a Holy God because you saw this movie and started sinning. I want people to be crystal clear on that because this idea of things making a person sin beyond their control is absurd. Sin is a choice. The Spirit’s leading will lead us away from the things that will not edify us.

    This reminds me a bit of Jane Eyre. Charlotte Bronté was a Christian. Few may realize that she was the daughter of a pastor and a devout Christian and Jane Eyre is her attempt at showing what it means to be a true believer. Seriously, all the characters in this book are various types of Christians but only Jane is a true believer. The young lady she meets at the boarding school named Helen is her first encounter with a true believer. Only Helen dies a tragic death knowing that she is going to heaven. How many movies have you ever seen that really brought out the author’s intent? I have watched all of them and not one of them really did. They all concentrate on the love story. They condemn Mr. Brocklehurst for being so severe and a hypocrite, but they never bring out the way that Jane chooses to do God’s will against her own desires because she is pure in heart. She goes from being a downtrodden woman to looking forward to marry this man and she is so excited about this marriage with Mr. Rochester. Yet, she chooses to walk away after his marriage to a lunatic is exposed, purposing never to return, because she is determined to do the right thing according to God’s will. It breaks her heart. God ultimately redeems her relationship with this man. I think Miss Bronté does a great job of making it clear that it is God that redeems this especially after Mr. Rochester cries out to God.

    I am concentrating on the good that I saw in this, which was the aspect of self-control. What is driving more young people to reject God, delve into the occult, proclaim themselves to be atheists, and sin up a storm has nothing to do with this movie per se but the hypocrisy in the church, the rotten teaching in the church and scientific evidence that supports a scenario unlike the one the church is teaching. It is also this ridiculous teaching coming out of the church that suggests that Christians sin every day and at the end of the day are forgiven. And that Christians refuse to either judge themselves or allow other Christians to judge them over real bona fide sin. Paul was crystal clear on what the works of the flesh are.

    What I want these young people to realize though is that they are not excused for sinning because they happened to see New Moon. And they aren’t more righteous than their neighbor because they didn’t see it. Our righteousness comes by grace through faith being led of the Spirit of God. It is a gift. So we can’t boast when we do good and we can’t think that when we do good that we are made righteous by those works. And if we are led of the Spirit of God, we should no longer need the Law. And might I add that God is the instigator of fantastical stories to make a point. Revelation.


  5. I notice in particular Christians condemn things they haven’t even seen. The movie isn’t for me, it is for teen girls who want a bit of bad boy who is caring and fundamentally good. Doesn’t the bible book Song of Songs encourage sensuality? Doesn’t the bible explore dark things? Putting your mistress’ husband on the front lines of your army so he dies and you can marry her? Killing everyone in the town but saving the virgins for your pleasure? These are all in the Bible. So if you want to see the twilight movie go for it. Even dark tales have a life lesson and sensuality is part of the human condition.

  6. I wanted to just say that I hope my above comment didn’t sound like I was ranting or angry. I’m not. If anything, I am soberly concerned with just a tinge of urgency about these young people who were once Christians and are now so seeped in sin.

    Doug has been going out with a group of men targeting the hardest core sinners. We also do a great deal of apologetics with atheists. I have seen things in the last 5 years or so that have burdened my heart. Not all, but I am going to say that vast majority of these people were once Christians calling themselves atheists now or are still professing Christ and living in flagrant perversion and are no more Christian than the man in the moon. They got the totally wrong message and were never reconciled to God by grace through faith. They don’t understand the message and it breaks my heart. There is this huge confusion over what sin is and how to get out of it.

    Do you know that by far the hardest core of all the people we talk to are past ATI parents and students? I am not making that up. They are the most difficult people to share with. They have no earthly idea what I mean when I say “be led of the Spirit.” They believe that we are still sinners as Christians because they “sin” every day by their imperfections such as watching the above movie. Trying to explain to them “freedom from sin” has become a lesson in futility for me.

    Anyway, thank you for allowing me to share my heart here. I don’t think I did a good job because it just comes off like I’m preaching. I am so concerned for these people and where they stand with God. That’s all.

    In His Love,

  7. Don’t be burdened about my response. The point of these posts is to get people thinking and discerning. I love families and young people. I can see you are, too. “Great peace have those who love your law and nothing shall offend them.” Blessed Thanksgiving to you and Doug and yours.