Celebrate the First Snowfall

Reader Interactions


  1. Thought I did comment, but will do it again;
    Make sure to make memories if you have sons too, since I have no little girls around, so I have fun with my sons !!

  2. Pastor I love your writings. I always feel like I’m there or know exactly where it is or it reminds me of something of my past growing up. Isn’t God good that He gave us Facebook and cell phones? By the way we were in Brighton yesterday and they had a beautiful thick covering of snow. The roads were fine so we could enjoy it.

  3. Thanks Evelyn, I love the snow. Thanks for the complement on my writing. Since I was little I have had a passion to describe things. I am looking forward to a good roiling snowstorm.

    Bob, I know what you mean about sons, too. You have some fine sons of your own. I sure miss you guys.

  4. Typing with tears in my eyes as I remember following my father through deep snow to cut down a ‘real’ Christmas tree when I was 11 and living in Northern Saskatchewan – am in Australia with my own children and grandchildren and its 40 degrees outside (centegrade!) – we will make memories tonight at a Carols by Candlelight with torches because of the fire hazard!