Glory in the Church

Reader Interactions


  1. Here is my challenge ho you and Ken Pyne….
    In a big city like Detroit…. there surely should be 120 people who would volunteer their services to blow on their d for the glory of God.

    Then let me know when and I will come and hear that.


    Ta……..ta ta ta ta…ta….ta….ta… God of our Fathers whose almighty hand, lead forth in beauty all the starry band.
    Of shining worlds in splendor through the skies,
    Out grateful song before Thy thron arise….

    With you great choir singing and strings playing etc…. wow
    I can’t wait….

  2. Ken, The Holy Spirit led me (via different websites) to your website. I enjoyed your writings in the Daily Success Program and, therefore, was prompted to listen to your message. I particularly enjoyed your comment “Is the Beauty of Jesus on my life?” A beautiful reminder for all of us who love The Lord Jesus! Thank you. May The Lord continue to use you and your beautiful family as a Blessing to Him and to all those He will bring into your paths and it’s in His Holy Name that I pray. Amen.