When the Church is Big Enough

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  1. I’ll answer those questions.
    1) I don’t think lately, I’ve done anything FOR God. Although I feel I’ve touched lives in a positive way.
    2) I am now, again, coming to know God. Initially I think I was 7 year old living in a horrible world and Temple Baptist had busses going all over and I remember going frequently. I never wanted to be in the ‘kids groups’ I always sat in with the adults. As a very troubled teen, a lady, Kathy Baiocco, took the time to speak LIFE into me. Then again as a Marine and thousands of miles away from my wife at that time, a group of black gospel Marines took me in and showed me His love a new way. Now, I am seeking out answers because I want to be a better example to my wife and my children and my friends as a Godly man. However, I just honestly don’t know how realistic that is.
    3) I believe that I am the only one that has even any desire to not just know God but have a relationship WITH God.
    4) I think they all know of God but seriously, God, and living for God is a great inconvenience for most.
    5) I do have a burden and an Evangelistic spirit but I can’t live in hypocrisy and won’t insult God by saying hey, come to Church when I stink of a dirty bar and alcohol.
    That should pretty much sum up the questions part. I do think though, that I realize that we have choices and are in control of our choices. Right now I choose to be positive and live positive, but not necessarily completely positive for God. If that makes sense.