Learning from John McPhee and Sebastian Junger

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  1. Well said!!!! Have you picked up Junger’s new one? War. Looks like another great read. There is a film coming out that is made from the book.

  2. I love your writings father. I wish I could have been with you all at Hillary’s house it’s beautiful there. Love you. Good thoughts. Ken Rudolph just walked by me… haha … I told him about 21 years ago he was speaking when I was listening very hard and wanted to be saved. 🙂 hah love you Dad. Went to church today at West Side. But it just wasn’t the same. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the post, Kyle and Holly. You would be surprised to know how much of my life, writing, and teaching has been with you in mind. You are both a delight to my soul.