Over the Moon Pie

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  1. Your description of what a “moon pie” looks like sounds like what we had for a treat at Boys and Girls Bible club yesterday. But these were “good” tasting. Soft, and moist and lot of marshmellow in side, and covered in chocolate (very little is good without choooocholate). I guess a northern type moon pie is different than a southern one. 🙂

  2. About the prepackaged Moon Pies. . . I haven’t ever admitted it publicly, being a lifelong and native Southerner and all, but I’ve never cared for them either. Your description is right on spot! The real pie version sounds much better.

    And I know the real Jesus too. Sweetest relationship ever. EVER.

  3. hahaha. Very funny. I do want to try these although I am very addicted to moon pies! I love em big time.