Reader Interactions


  1. Great story, Ken. I love my chickadees. I have a feeder attached to my kitchen window and it’s like a little airport there in the morning as the chickadees take turns coming in for a landing to grab a sunflower seed and then take-off back to their tree branches to crack the seed open to get their treat. Sometimes I’ll stand there for 10 minutes while my cheerios get soggy, smiling at the sight and thanking god for just a small piece of his majestic handy work. Thanks Ken, for thinking about and writing about the birds!

  2. Really enjoyed this as well as Chuk’s contribution. Love those birdies at my feeders. Love those children round your table even more. Give em all a hug for me!

  3. I love this story…. I have always wanted a deck where I could have bird feeder and watch all the adorable birds…. just went to Melony’s today and she has bird houses all around their home in the woods on the trees and posts…. what fun to watch them…also in the summer when the windows are open and I am practicing for solos the Birds always love it, anyway I think they do … they always join me…. sweet little memories… see you Thursday…