Josiah Faas

Reader Interactions


  1. I spent a few days with you and Bill and about 500 other brothers this past January singing and praising my heart out to the Lord with you leading. I recall that time most every time I read one of your letters.

    I also spent a week this summer at the Northwoods for the Men’s prayer retreat with JIm Logan and “friends”. Spent much time alone with the Lord that week throughout those woods and every picture you place here on your website reminds me of those “Godward” times and nudges me closer – at least for a few moments. Thanks.

    O Lord our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth!

  2. I too love autumn, and I always forget my camera…. it is just beautiful here in OHIO and I can sit in the swing my mother gave me and look right straight ahead to a beautiful site or look out the front window while sitting in my indoor wicker swing (lovingly call my bird cage) and see more beautiful colors… Isn’t HE wonderful.

    Thank you Kyle and Ken