Johnny Cash and June Carter-Cash

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  1. I didn’t start liking Johnny’s music until about a year or two before he died. By this time he had started to cover popular rock songs. I don’t know enough about music to know he’s out of tune!

  2. My husband and I spoke with you in the halls of the Nashville Training Center nearly two weeks ago. You shared the story of the incident with your son, the bank teller, and the subsequent apology you made.

    We bought a CD of the message you shared in the student session (since my husband and I didn’t hear it) and listened to it on our drive back home to Florida. Thank you for your investment in the lives of others. You’ve become one of our familiy’s favorite speakers.

    Your message to the students was about staying out of the contamination of the world. You opened it up with a story about Verity students jumping into a contaminated river. We had to laugh because, while Verity isn’t located in Michigan anymore, we have two daughters currently at Verity. Kayla works on staff in Guest & Conference Services and Stephanie is a student. Stephanie served your table during the Parent Appreciation Banquet.

    Your post about Johnny Cash reminded me of the fact that his sister, Joanne, performed at the hotel where we stayed while in Nashville (we didn’t attend).

  3. It was great to meet you and share our stories. Thanks for writing. I love the idea of you all driving home from Nashville and listening to my talk. I’m so grateful that it was a help to you. I felt a special boldness and help from the Lord in preparing and preaching that talk. I hope to see you all again. God bless you. Your encouragement was timely.

  4. Like you said I have my preferences in Music but I also remember what my brother-in-law Rich always said……” I’m Only a Sinner Saved by Grace”.

    We are all nothing “With Out Him”. Praise God he saved me in my sin thou just a child…and He truly changed the lives of my parents….

    We are what be are “Because He Lives”