My Aching Heart

Reader Interactions


  1. I understand exactly about your feelings…. It was so sweet to spent a short tome at the conference at Winona Lake with you. Thank you , Ken.. I truly appreciate your travking us down…it meant so much to us. I could not begin so write how all 73 of our children tug on our hearts. thank you, Lord.

  2. I understand….People used to warn me that when the kids started to leave, it would go quickly. Since none of them were dating at the time, I didn’t listen! We’re in the process now of planning wedding no. 3 within a year and another daughter moved to another state….(KY 😀 ) My heart is also full in a lot of places and I am thankful for the additions to the family that make life all the more beautiful and precious. God is good….all the time!

  3. (silence)…wow your a painter, but instead of using paint and a use a pen and a page…always enjoy reading your thoughts.

  4. Thank you so much, Mom, Bev, Brendun. Good to hear from you. Thanks for taking time to write. Mom, I know you know how this feels. Bev, may God especially bless and comfort you. Brendun, you gotta have a bunch of kids–you will be a great Dad.

  5. What a blessing to have so many children that love the Lord and want to spend time with you and talk with you. I know how you feel about your heart being scattered in so many places I always try to remind myself that the Lord will watch over them better than I ever could. Empty nests are difficult times. 🙂