Thinking About the Rest of My Life

Reader Interactions


  1. Learning Gospel conversations is always good. I thankful for your vision. May we see a movement of committed members to pray and share.
    Charles Burch

  2. Pastor Burch, I am thankful for your support and participation in the gospel for many years here and wherever you have been. Thanks for working with us for Christ and for people.

  3. EI don’t know what term Gospel Conversation means, but if its God’s word being taught in a special way to help me grow in my relationship with Christ I would like to check it out. The Lord has been speaking to me lately about something more that I should be doing to further the Gospel message through my writing. Using my writing gift God gave me. To encourage others by sharing God’s love. Thank you.

  4. When I use the term “Gospel Conversation” I am really just talking about sharing the gospel in a listen and talk conversational manner rather than just doing the “sales pitch” on people. I like to listen to people and “feel around the edge of their souls” for the cracks where the gospel truth goes in. Gospel conversation is best done in an established relationship where you have shown sincere love to the person first. I’m glad I conspired with the Holy Spirit to inspire you today!