Welcome Back, Autumn (Guest Post)

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  1. Like father like son. You have inherited a wonderful gift of expression and I hope this will be a first of many wonderful stories in the future. I miss your family.
    Bea Abbott

  2. Hi Chuk,
    Honestly, normally I do not like the Autumn because it means Winter is coming…I don’t like the bitter cold! But today, I’m so glad I read your blog! It warmed my heart enough that I’m hoping I will enjoy Autumn this year. You brought a bright spot in my day and I thank you so much. Blessings, Chuk!

  3. I can feel it already and I especially liked being able to put on a nice warm sweater yesterday….and look forward to wearing my leather boots soon….

    You do have the gift…. keep it up

  4. I love this! Great detail; felt like I was there with you in your car, at the coffe shop,and on your walk. A little creepy for you, maybe, but fun for me!:-) it’s amazing how what we as parents speak stays with our kids. We just never know what their minds will grab hold of, mull over, and have a lasting impact on them. So thankful for your dad and his godly speech and character! I am enjoying my Red Jacket pumpkin candle!! Heavenly autumn scent!