Bathed in Sunshine

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  1. What a sweet testimony, how it so speaks to our memories of our Beth leaving home to set up her apartment in Texas at Fort Hood for the return of her husband returning from war in Iraq. The two if them only had two weeks together on his mid tour leave the first week was pre marriage counseling and the second week they were married. It’s been 10 yrs. now and four children running around in their household.
    How I remember the baseball gear lying in the foyer, in the bathroom hair dryer straight iron, make up, tennis shoes and sunflower seeds for the ball game. And her radiant beauty of Christ’s love in her spirit. And still is there today now as she has a daughter Haleigh that has the baseball gear in their foyer and you can her Haleigh reciting Scripture that she has memorized that week. We are so blessed, to see God’s love and teaching of His word handed down from Beth and Charlie to their children.

  2. Well, that was hard to read! We’re about to send off our youngest to Idaho in less than a month after her wedding! I can certainly identify with everything you’ve said….I can also praise the Lord for these gifts that He’s given and allowed us to share for these formative years. I’m hoping I can keep it together for her wedding. When my sons got married, (this is our third family wedding in less than a year!) I was so thrilled for them that my first emotion was pure joy. But there’s something about a daughter leaving and going so far away (from Ohio) that is just extra hard. Thankful for God’s peace in this and the blessing of marriage. Thankful too that you shared her story w/ me as I’ve thought about it a lot! Tons to be thankful for as we’re on this journey of parenting and sending the kids off as arrows! 😀

  3. Thanks Bev and Cynthia. I have found when I write that the most powerful pieces are the ones where people can almost pull out the names and replace them from their own experience and relationships. Isn’t it a blessing to have people in our lives that bring us such inexpressible joy?

  4. Sweet Holly….she certainly is a JOY…what a beautiful testimony her wedding was and her life is.

    Thank you dear Father and we continue to pray…

  5. this awesome pastor…I teared up a bit, she is a beautiful young lady…congratulations on your new son in law…