Beautiful On The Mountain

Reader Interactions


  1. Looking forward to reading it Ken … nice chat yesterday…. Praying for His blessing as usual in your ministry…

  2. oh yes, I love the little country church pictures….. I always thought I would like to collect country church Pictures. So thankful that the Lord is allowing you father and me to minister here at our Cozy country Church and I love living right next door to the church…. that would make a neat picture now wouldn’t it?

  3. I’m reading this book. It got me wondering if our home church was still having services so I wrote the family that own it. I was three when Barbara’s Dad built it. I even remember laying in my sister’s lap half asleep when I was that age but I could still hear the preacher. I think our kids miss out on the order and the adult preaching now a days. Children are not commited like they used to be.