When Your Brother is “Owly”

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  1. Oh my, so true when your dad came in the room and hugged me I had just finished this…. and he came in and hugged me…. felling warm and fuzzy. I said, I was just going to read this to you…. did you read it…… He had a silly grin….. LOVE…. isn’t it wonderful


  2. Ken I believe God gives us Grand kids to enrich our lives. There is a wealth of blessings in our offspring.
    Thanks for sharing you gave me a hug by sharing this.

  3. Love it!! A hug helps so much more than words! How precious is Oliver’s tender heart for his brother!

  4. Hey all–thanks for your comments. Bob–we have to talk some time. Michelle-thanks for writing. Mom–glad you netted a hug from this.

  5. My hugs are from facebook. Not being able to go out it is encouraging to read about other’s lives. I love seeing pictures seeing the kids grow, get married and having babies.

  6. What a lovely and touching story !! It reminds us that everyone needs a hug. Have you had a hug today !! A hug a day keeps things in perspective. Thanks so much for sharing.The boys are precious 🙂