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  1. This is beautiful dad. I loved being part of his group. It’s an honor to consider myself a “friend of Bob”. Thanks for writing this Dad.

  2. I did not know Bob……I am a friend of his sister Mary. The celebration of his life was so moving. Everyone in that room heard the plan of salvation…..and how his life was the reflection of God’s grace. What a blessing for all of those in attendance…….what an amazing legacy…….inspiring for all of us

  3. Kyle–He loved you like another son. I was so glad God put him in your life to teach you things that were not my gifting. I loved that. Pam, thanks for your kind and encouraging words. Criselda–that’s for commenting.

  4. What an amazing tribute/testimony of your brother-in-law’s life. My husband is 60 also and I can only imagine the pain of his wife and family. I have been praying for them and will continue to lift them up often as I think of them. I know that they do not sorrow as those who have no hope, because they KNOW that he is in heaven and laying many crowns at the feet of Jesus…Rejoicing for him!

  5. Thank you for the remembrance. Both the viewing and the service were a testament to Bob’s life of service to others. Several speakers spoke to what a good listener Bob was. Add me to that list. Bob and I would meet at Martin’s Side Door Deli every month or so for lunch. It was therapy for me. Bob would listen while I blabbed away. We exchanged family news. Afterward I felt he enjoyed it as much as I had. I’ll miss him greatly.

  6. Thank you, Friends of Bob for posting this beautiful information about this wonderful man and his loving friends and family.