Being Soft on Legalism

Reader Interactions


  1. It is a dangerous thing. It is what you have to do. It takes away from God’s Grace, Mercy etc and what He will do. It’s all about you and the preacher and leaves God out of it. I lost so many years in legalism. My pastor told me I was going to hell because I missed ONE service out of Four in one day. I was 16 years old. Almost had a nerous break down. Jesus saved me not the church or the preacher.

  2. It is so difficult to distinguish between “legalism”, and just preaching against sin and its consequences in so many instances. But, the discerning Christian, or Pastor, will simply point out what God specifically says is right or wrong, and when it is not clear, just point out the the need for the leading of the Spirit, pray for understanding, and seek God’s wisdom in questionable, or ambivalent situations or beliefs. I don’t need someone to “be” the Holy Spirit for me, I already have him, and the Word!

  3. Evelyn. I’m glad that Jesus is so beautiful and compelling that He outshines many of his self-appointed handlers, amen. God help us represent Him rightly.

  4. Tom, you make a good point. I think you are spot-on in just preaching what the Scriptures say because they are sufficient. Thanks for your comment