Bittersweet Farm Journal (Number 13) Satisfied Hearts

Reader Interactions


  1. Enjoy this story. We look forward to visiting soon. Praying for you and your family and ministry!

  2. Pastor Ken, I am blessed by your writing so much! You are able to express in words what my own soul and heart feel. We came home a week ago to a cold house from a pleasant warm vacation in Arizona and had to call our local heating company. No bat but a lot of dust blocking where it needed air to run. Thankful for many things that make life comfortable and the not so comfortable things still keep us looking to Jesus!

  3. So glad a took a moment out of my busy morning to read your article. I too am amazed by the beauty of it all. What an awesome Creator we have! I have a very tiny, deep blue Beta fish. I could stare at him forever, so delicately detailed. I believe that he recognizes me, seems to show off his beauty when I approach the bowl.

  4. Dottie, Toni, Melony;

    Thanks for your comments. Autumn glory just draws the words out of me. Thanks for taking time to enjoy them. It’s a little like preparing a meal of some of your favorite dished and then watching the delight on the faces of people when they enjoy them.