Bittersweet Farm Journal (Number 15) Be A Happy Person

Reader Interactions


  1. Thank you for this reminder. To rejoice in all things; a difficult
    Concept to follow. I have learned through God’s grace and the Spirit of His faithfulness we can find peace in the most difficult times.

  2. Sound advice Pastor Ken ! I had a friend who has gone to be with the Lord for many years now.
    He wisely taught me to ” Flip the coin ” Example; You are stuck in traffic because of an accident. Where you involved in the accident? No.. Do have plenty of gas to get home or where you need to be ? Yes… Will you eventually get there ? Yes… Then do you really have a problem ?? Your story also brought to mind the person who complained he had no shoes until he met someone without feet. May we all STOP … and be grateful for the little things !
    Blessings !

  3. Thanks for the comments Uni, Bob, Karen and Barb. Glad to know you are out there and that these little stories are a blessing to you and remind you of people and experiences in your own lives.