Bittersweet Farm Journal (Number 77) Hard Times

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  1. Always find a blessing in your messages .
    We too will be having week two with our church service being watched at home from the internet connection . We have a large church family and seldom miss a service but in these hard times we are all encouraged to stay in our homes because of our age .
    We are on day 7 of the advised instructions to stay at home.
    Getting a bit stir crazy. not sick though.
    Our daughter and granddaughter walked here yesterday and we visited at the front door and didn’t stay too close to one another.
    Things gave escalated quickly in our area this past week
    Yes they are definitely hard times and we must stay close to God

  2. “Hard times can be good times if we trust the Lotd and stick together.”
    Love that, Pastor Ken. Thanks for using your gift to bless many.

  3. It’s true, isn’t it Donna… I know you all have been through much and know the Lord sustains. It was good to see you Sunday even just a glimpse 🙂

  4. Martin and Caro-Claire–thanks for letting me know the messages are helpful. That is what I always pray. Be safe.