Bittersweet Farm Journal (Number 78) What Will We Wish We Could Do Again?

Reader Interactions


  1. How blessed I am by your writings, Ken! I found myself fighting back tears while reading this post. Your sharing of the sweet, precious time with your elderly dad coming to visit and talking about days gone by, plus the sincere appreciation of knowing Jesus personally, combined to stir my heart and soul on this Monday morning in a totally unexpected way. I know it’s mainly because of this insidious virus pandemic and the vast changes in all of our daily lives because of it. We should never, ever take for granted times spent with those we care about and love.
    I wonder, too, after things get back to some semblance of ‘normal’, whether or not we will view daily life in a more sincere, meaningful way. Let’s hope so!

  2. Sandi. I wish I could come sit on your porch and pray with you and have you tell me your story. You have been such a faithful reader. That really inspired me sometimes when I wonder if it is worthwhile to write. I pray the Lord keeps you during this time and draws you and those you love close to Him.