Bittersweet Farm Journal (Number 80) Gestures of Warm Humanity

Reader Interactions


  1. The simple act of giving someone the use of a lawnchair for an hour may make little difference, or may be the difference that allows someone to consider crossing the line into genuine faith. We may never know in this life, but it sure seems like a good idea to give something away every day. I know a man who is part of our church and now engaged leading a church plant in a near by town simply because he was greeted with genuine conversation on an early visit….conversation about nothing that seemed important at the time. It seems personal connection all wrapped up in truth was the halmark of that first church in Acts 2. May God bless you for embracing the gospel during this time of disruption. As persecution scattered the early church my COVID scatter us to minister in new ways!

  2. Thank you for always, ALWAYS pointing your readers/listeners to Jesus Christ and His steadfast love for us. He is bigger than what we’re all facing right now.
    I relished and savored reading about these acts of kindness and goodwill. Stay safe, healthy and optimisitc!