Bittersweet Farm Journal (Number 84) Simple Things Remembered

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  1. Ken, you are truly a gifted, talented story teller. Sometimes we surprise ourselves with minute details we recall decades later. When I was growing up in the deep South, drinking a Coca-Cola was a rare thing … only for special occasions like birthdays or major holidays.
    After reading your remembrance of a summer church conference from a kid’s vantage point, now I’m thirsty for a cold Coke!

  2. thank you, Sandi. I hope you enjoyed your Coke. Ironically I’m not drinking them for a good, long time. I’m being very careful with my diet, which is basically vegan with no processed sugar.

  3. Ken, I think it would have been the “Midwest Cong. Christian Fellowship annual meeting or, perhaps the General Conf. of the C.U. that year. Those simple meetings do hark back to a time far less complicated than today, something just plain ol’ satisfying, I guess. Thank you, Dad