Self, Selfishness, Self-forgetfulness, and Sin

Reader Interactions


  1. The Biblical basis for self-worth is that we are created in God’s image- which is amazing. When we (or others) look at ourself, we should see the image of God reflecting back to us. But this is balanced by the fact that we are also sinful creatures, with a tendency for our self-will to drive us to things unhealthy for us and others.
    My image of God is not better than yours. My need for redemption is not less than yours.
    Do we see the image of God in ourselves and others? Do we see our and others propensity to sin?

  2. Dear Pastor Ken, just finished reading Lessons from the Porch!!! Loved it!!
    Have you read How I know God Answers Prayer, by Rosalind Goforth?? She and her husband Jonathan were missionaries to China in late 1800’s. Five of their children died in China. Very sacred Holy account of How God answered their prayers.
    Kathy L King